The Quran can be read on smartphones, according to a recent fatwa


By Hans Olav Arnesen

A recent fatwa states that it is permissible to read the holy Quran on your smartphone. At least within the United Arab Emirates, where the fatwa was issued, according to the National Post. That is good news for modern, wealthy and technology conscious Arabs. It is the Ifta centre of the Abu Dhabi General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (Awqaf) that issued the fatwa, but it is not limited to smartphones. The fatwa claims it is also allowed to read the Quran on your PC, laptop or off the internet. It is not, however, allowed to hold a mobile phone in your hands when you conduct your prayers, according to another fatwa. The Awqaf used the following quote from the Quran to justify the fatwa:

«You are to read [the Quran] using whatever means possible, for that is better than not reading at all, and you will be rewarded greatly for doing so (20:73).»

The Awqaf has also issued a fatwa that allows non-arab speakers to pray in their native tongue, although they stess that one should strive to learn Arabic, and also attempt to memorize the Quran.





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  • Sandra Ross sier:

    I’m wondering is it 100% obligatory to read the quran? about 80% of my friends don’t even read the quran so why should I? My mom keeps annoying me about how I should finish the quran, I don’t even understand a damn word it says. its really annoyinng since i have so much homework and i noticed that my grades have been dropping ever since i started to read the quran again. my friends says that its not obligatory so why im i being FORCED to read the quran? my mom would beat me,swear at me, and piss me off if i dont, but i dont want to finish the quran/read it.

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