The Vatican is successful in Cyberspace – and proud of it

By Hans Olav Arnesen

 Every religious organization needs their own website in this day and age, and the Worlds single largest church is of course no exception. And everyone who runs a home-page, whether they are doing so to promote their faith or not, is concerned with the number of readers they attract. If your average blogger cares about the number of people who visits their little corner of Cyberspace, how much more shouldnt the Vatican care? After all the stakes are much higher. Maybe a well crafted website could guide their readers into the caring arms of the Catholic Church, to salvation and a blissful afterlife?

Well the Vatican do care about the number of people who visit their official website, The Holy See, and they are also clearly pleased with the number of hits they recieve, according to And with fairly good reason too. According to the archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the virtual heart of Catholicism: The Holy See, recieves somewhere between 8 000 – 10 000 hits a day. During Christmas the number peaked to 16 000 hits a day.

Not bad. Especially considering the fact that the website is fairly new and was opened in June 2011. And such success, of course, requires a press conference. Even the Vatican is not above a certain pride in their accomplishments, whether they are spiritual or web-related. The website offers the choice of seven different languages, German, French, English, Latin, Spanish, Portugese and Italian. The greates number of visitors however, came from the US (27 %). Italians, Germans, Spaniards, Canadians, Brazilians, Mexicans og Argentinians were also frequent visitors to the site.

Interestingly most of the visits, according to Celli, came via social media networks, especially Facebook (65 %), and from Twitter (30 %).

The Vatican Flag – Wikimedia Commons 


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  • Karuna sier:

    I think any way to promote people to develop a deeper experience of the Divine is well worth it! Developing an intimate relationship with God can create inner peace for people. When people are at peace, then the world can experience this on a global level!

  • Khuda sier:

    Tito, thanks for your kind words. As to nhucaritable comments in traditionalist blogs, it took me seconds to find examples: Anyone who really believes that muslims will negotiate meaning, as the ideological Vatican phenomenologists lend pretense too, does not comprehend the actual nature of mohamatenism. When they are sufficiently strong in Europe then they will bend the defenceless, hedonistic materialists of the EU with the iron will of their fanatical politicised faith and enslave the weak-willed European of the so-called liberty he imagines he posesses. The numbers grow each year while the white man’s dwindles and they have noticed. Time is on their side. Abortion, sodomy and artificial contraception with some euthanasia with increasing sterility already condemns the future of the continent to such subjugation.If you doubt this then read the history of the Chosen People God disciplines his idolatrous followers even to the point of captivity and the destruction of the holy places.And in another blog, linked by the first one:The Judaism of the western world throught the gnostic cabbala cult of the defied man of the jews is the cause of the fall of the Catholic monarchy of the papacy and all other catholic and protestant monarchies. The Jews are trying to create a world wide labor republic according to them in which annointed Jew leaders with messiah like qualities will bring social justice. Get rid of the Jews. Get rid of their cult of man and being a member of the Jew collective. Materialism is the God of the Jews and now our God not Christ. All the Marian apparitions are to warn about the Jews and the faith required to overcome their pagan atheism.As far as I can tell, these are mainstream traditionalist blogs, not far-out or sedevacantist ones. There are plenty of comments like these, and too many similar posts in the blogs themselves.

  • You post great articles. Bookmarked !

  • Tony Coffer sier:

    We definitely make a choice in our daily Christian walk. We choose what to believe and not to believe. We choose if we believe in what we see or we believe in God.

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