Cute little Krishna – animated god and saviour

By Hans Olav Arnesen

The fact that animated films and television series about religious characters, and even gods, are good entertainment is old news. Disney has paved the way with for example Hercules and Moses, but they have for the most part kept to characters from the Judeo-Christian heritage or from Greek-Roman paganism in their productions. India, of course, provides a plethora of heroes (or villains), waiting to be «animated». One of these gods is of course Vishnu, and one of his avatars, Krishna, is perhaps particularly well suited for a young audience. There are many sides to Krishna, but the stories of his trickster behaviour as a child might almost seem as if it´s written as a script for such an animated series. Stories about the child Krishna, killing demons while laughing or tricking young gopi maidens out of their clothes, is just the kind of mischevious behaviour that appeals to a young audience, who probably appreciates a little mischief themselves, divine or not.


Little Krishna – any challengers to the title: «Cutest God»? 

The Indian company «Big Animation» has understood this and made an animated show called «Little Krishna». The animation artwork is quite exquisite and the show has already been sold to the Nickelodeon. They have made some little appetizers available on YouTube so you might as well watch them and make up your own opinion.






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