Religious wallpapers from

By Hans Olav Arnesen

I´ve written so much about various applications lately that there is a chance this blog will be percieved as some sort of Apple-marketing effort. It is not. Before we, hopefully, move on to other virtual religious stuff, I want to point out one more website that provides services for iPhone users. sells wallpapers for your iPhone (sorry to all you non-iPhone usersI). There´s lots to choose from, including about 45 various religious themes. If you want to check them out I suggest you visit their web-site, but I´m sure they won´t mind if we give you a taste of their different motifs right now. Most of them are Christian, but there are Hindu and Bhuddist motifs as well, and a few occult and perhaps even slightly «blasphemous» ones, including a Republican Christ with an automatic assault rifle.

Statue without a named artist-

Moses by Rembrandt –

Cruzifix –

Jesus as an armed Republican –

Statue of a Hindu god –

Buddha –

Fiery pentagram –


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