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By Hans Olav Arnesen

The immensely productive and vigorous Christian apologist, philosopher and theologian, William Craig Lane, has soothed many troubled souls, as well as providing the arguments for countless Christians who already know the answers, but who lack the means of explaining them to outsiders. As a champion of Christianity he has stood against the enemies of the Faith, such as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. His work, consisting of more than 30 books and countless articles, lectures, videos and podcasts are therefore valuable tools for the convinced theist in their fight for faith. Keeping track of and accessing such a wealth of information, however, is quite a challenge, even for the most zealous of Christian theists.

Once again technology comes to the rescue. The Reasonable Faith-application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, makes the work of Dr. Craig easily accessible for Christians who are either searching for answers to their own questions, or who are looking for arguments to battle the non-believers with. Can any modern Christian do without it?

William Lane Craig – Wikimedia Commons



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