Virtual Krishna temple on your iPhone

By Hans Olav Arnesen

There is an ever increasing number of religious applications for iPhone and iPad that cater to all kinds of different religious traditions, cults and sects. For Krishna worshipers there are various offers, but there is one new application that stands out in the crowd. The Indian company Shoonya have developed a virtual Krishna temple available through iPhone or iTouch device. This they claim, is «Krishna worship for the iPhone generation.» The application provides a 3D Krishna temple with a «live» Krishna inside and a shrine were you can perform the puja. With this application you can:

  • Perform a Pooja of the Great Lord
  • Get enchanted with the Lord’s Aarti after performing the Pooja
  • Sound the temple bell to relive the real-life experience
  • Be at peace listening to the stirring melody of the flute
  • Take a walk in the mellow surroundings of the temple complex and be at one with nature

Claiming that you can be at one with nature through a virtual representation of some brushery on your iPhone could seem to be promising too much, but if your sitting in an office landscape in a skyscraper somewhere it might do the trick. At least the company seems to have high hopes that religious worship will take place in the virtual spaces provided by modern communication technology:

«As the technological world progresses, why should faith be left behind. Connect with your Krishna in a 3D virtual temple on your iPhone and iTouch device. Enliven the experience of being inside the sacred space with the soulful rendition of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and get transported into the arms of the Divine Lord.»

Shoonya also offers a similar virtual 3D temple dedicated to Ganesh.

3D temple dedicated to Ganesh: 





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    All right, I feel like an idiot because when I first aceesscd the page, for some reason only one comment showed up. So I commented, and suddenly there are 20+.McQ:Seems like the church could include more than just Utah if it wanted to. Not sure why ite2€™s just limited to the Zion state. Righteousness I guess.Well, the temple’s in Utah, for the use of the Saints in Utah; maybe they thought that the dedication should be available to those for whom the temple is for. I wouldn’t be surprised if future non-Utah dedications were broadcast to stake centers in that temple’s region.John:We declare all church buildings extensions of the temple for the day, and it all gets done quickly, and none need make the onerous journey of perhaps dozens of miles to sit in some corner of the temple.Aside from the discomfort I feel whenever someone decides that snark is the correct tone for discussing a temple of the Lord, exactly how many people do you think could fit in this, one of the smaller temples? Would you rather that they had a lottery to fit the hundred-or-so seats? (If inconvenience is such an integral part of the temple experience, then maybe you should limit yourself to only attending temples which lie more than six hours away from you. I hear the Halifax, Nova Scotia temple is very nice.)Instead of your intimations of couch-potato Mormons, I choose to see it as an invitation. By golly, they DO want to extend the blessings of the temple to everybody! Imagine that!

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